Specialty Coffee

Choose from the current offer of our artisan specialty coffee. All beans are hand-sorted before and after roasting and packed in bags with a one-way valve after 24 hours to preserve highest possible standard of specialty coffee. You can filter results on this page based on farmer's processing method, which significantly affects the cup profile.

Why specialty coffee?
Specialty coffee is no longer just the unique taste and the highest quality of the coffee bean. It's the combination of many factors, such as progressive processing methods, both for washed and natural coffees, transparency, careful collection of ripe fruits in difficult terrain, without the possibility of using heavy techniques. Each coffee bag hides a story of the producer himself and his whole family or several generations. Most recently the main topic is sustainable production and processing, including the reduction of negative effects on nature and suistainability of individual farms, and washing or drying stations.

Discover the magic and stories of people who, like us, decided to "make coffee differently". Detailed information on the origin of each of the microlots can be found by clicking on the individual products.