Cascara Panama Finca Auromar

Roast level

Mango, cantaloupe, jasmine

Farm: Finca Auromar 

Owner: Roberto Brenes

Elevation: 1550-1770 m

Variety: Geisha

Prepare this invigorating coffee peel drink at home, which will not leave you in any doubt. Cascara contains about 50% caffeine compared to the popular cappuccino, if we consider the same volume of drink, ie 150ml per serving. Cascara, like green tea, contains a high amount of natural antioxidants.

For many years, Cascara was not allowed to be offered in EU countries. At the beginning of 2022, however, it was included in the list of approved foods, and together we can look forward to this refreshing drink that is refreshing in summer and encouraging in winter, which is very reminiscent of fruit tea. Not to mention that Cascara literally means Spanish is a shell or a shell. Don't worry, you won't really find the shell in the package. This is a by-product of the coffee world, where the outer shell of the coffee cherry (ie the pulp) separates from the grain itself, either before or after the completion of the drying cycle itself, depending on the method of processing.


By boiling 4-6 g of these dried fruits for every 100 ml of hot water, you will get a delicious drink in about 10 minutes. You can adjust the intensity as needed by changing the extraction ratio.


Finca Auromar is located in the northwestern part of the province of Chiriquí in the Piedra La Candela region, just two kilometers from the Costa Rican border. Roberto mainly produces the most expensive variety of Arabica - Geisha. The farm, named after Robert's daughter Aurora and his granddaughter Mar Forests, consists of 30 hectares of land, of which 14.5 hectares are cultivated and the rest remains an untouched tropical forest at the foot of Barú volcano.

Roberto focuses on sustainable production, striving to preserve the original flora and fauna as much as possible. Part of the farm was afforested with original trees and shrubs after 2006, when the last change of owner took place. Coffee trees thrive in this environment - in the middle of the jungle, on steep slopes, in the shade of mature trees, the vegetation creates its own microclimate with a small temperature difference between day and night. The high altitude, combined with favorable environmental factors, provides a limited offer of highly complex coffee, which has won several national and international awards.

Roberto Brenes, as director of the Panama Stock Exchange and former director of the Central Bank of Panama, is a major authority in the local financial sector. He spent several years in exile as an outspoken critic of the Norieg regime, and also several years in New York, where he earned an MBA. He is a passionate participant in Ironman and a devoted grower. The zeal he brings to everything in his life is now applied in the cultivation of coffee, and the results are clear.


Type: Cascara