• Specialty coffee roasted with ❤ love and care ❤

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Let's talk about what we do when we don't make coffee

We support sustainable production and coffee processing that helps farmers to create values that can be measured not only by economical but also social and environmental benefits. We appreciate people that do think of others and therefore we actively support one of the local animal shelters by donating 1 Kč per each 50g of coffee that you buy through our website.


Washed Processing

Honey processing

Natural Processing

Great coffee, interesting packaging and fast delivery. Natural El Salvador excelled especially in the preparation of filtered coffee.

<transcy>Peter D.</transcy>

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the coffee. I will definitely buy here again.

<transcy>David P.</transcy>

The beginning roastery in Brno, run by nice and friendly people.
They rely on quality and fast service.

It is known that they do not do it for a number / result, but because they enjoy it.
Definitely worth the support👌🏻

<transcy>Filip D.</transcy>

Gift Voucher

Are you looking for a way to give gifts to your loved ones? Our gift voucher is a great way to please every coffee lover.


<transcy>Coffee shop</transcy>

Staňkova 360 / 8b
Brno 602 00

The grand opening will take place at the turn of April and May 2021. Subscribe to the newsletter and be informed about the date.