What happens when, after years of separation, a geologist, a construction worker, an economist and an ajjak from the same town in the foothills of the Beskydy, who share a passion for coffee, meet? This is how a bad joke or our story could start. Perhaps fate or just coincidence brought friends together after returning from opposite corners of the world, so that, filled with inspiration and years of experience with selective coffee from Australia and Britain, together in the land of promise and the city of unlimited possibilities, they breathed life into a craft roaster with selective coffee.
We started looking for premises suitable for equipping a cafe with a roastery at the end of 2019, although the idea itself comes from a few years earlier, when one of the co-owners made a living as a barista on the Gold Coast and the other two began to discover the magic of the selection in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Before long, we understood that combining a space for roasting with an espresso bar would not be quite so simple - hats off to QB in Brno and Dok from Nordbeans in Liberec, however, suitable places were few and far between in Brno. After we purchased our first roasting machine at the beginning of 2020, a suitable space finally appeared in Brno in a historic building from the 1920s for operating equipment, at least according to some of our ideas. Although the road to opening in the time of covid combined with complete reconstruction was thorny, we started sharp operations in July 2021. Even before opening the cafe, we understood that the capacity of the roasting machine (2 kg) would not be enough for us. After moving to the existing premises in Husovice (see photo), we purchased a Kuban machine in July 2021 - a gas roaster with a capacity of 12 kg.

We are based on the methodology of the Specialty Coffee Association, Scott Rao's books, our own experience, and especially from open debates with our friendly roasters in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, to whom we hereby thank.

We are members of the SCA and hold certifications in sensory analysis and roasting skills (both foundation level). We participate in competitions and participate in the development of the culture of selected coffee in the Czech Republic.

2022 Czech Brewers Cup - 6th place - Patrik Záhora

2022 Brno Latte Art Throwdown - 3rd place - Jan Stuchlík


For each coffee, we choose a roasting profile according to the individual parameters of each lot in order to let the unique taste profile of each product stand out, taking into account altitude, processing method, acidity and sweetness.

Daily quality control is a matter of course - each batch undergoes a strict evaluation using the so-called cupping process, where we evaluate the sensory properties of the coffee according to the SCA protocol.