Brazil Serra Velha Natural


Sweetie, kakao, sušenky

Farma: Comunidade Serra Velha

Farma: Fazenda Alto da Serra

Region: Ilicínea, Sul De Minas

Nadm. výška: 1340 m

SCA skóre: 85+

Odrůda: Mundo Novo

Zpracování: Naturální

Importér: Falcon Coffees

This story begins about 30 years ago. Valdeci worked on a large coffee farm, and Hudson, a 4th generation native of a traditional family of coffee growers, was still a child, running between his grandfather's coffee grounds. They both shared a dream of having and producing quality coffees. Years later, their paths crossed when Hudson married Valdeci's eldest daughter. This realized the dream of two producers who had the opportunity to acquire a high altitude property in the Ilicinea region. They believed they could produce special coffees in the mountains, which God had gifted. It was the joining of a family seeking the same ideal. With a lot of work, persistence and dedication they began forming their Mundo Novo variety crops at 1,340 meters of altitude on the highest point. The property was named "Fazenda Alto da Serra" and is located in the hilly Ilicinea region in southern Minas Gerais. With beautiful views, we say it's "a little piece of heaven" because we are literally in the clouds. In this privileged region, and with great effort, the coffees produced on the estate have been classified as special since the first harvest, with a unique and irresistible flavour. Overcoming difficulties like strong winds required investments to protect the crops. Aiming for continuous improvement, the family dedicates themselves with love in all farm activities, seeking new knowledge and specialisation to add quality and excellence to the special Mundo Novo coffees.

Usually the coffees are dried in the sun on drying terraces, between 10 and 25 days. After the end of drying, when it reaches between 11.3 and 11.8% of humidity, the coffee is processed (removal of the dry husk) and taken to the COCATREL warehouse.