Guatemala Agua Tibia Washed


Ostružiny, mandarinky, černý čaj

Charakteristika: Sladká a květinová

Vlastník: Castillo Family / Erik de la Roca

Region: Frijanes

Nadm. výška: 1700 m

Odrůda: H1

SCA skóre: 87

Zpracování: Promyté

Importér: 88 Graines

Finca Agua Tibia is located just 27km from Guatemala city. The farm stretches between the altitude 1600-1700masl and it is characterized by a specific microclimate. With its high mountains and high cloudiness characteristics it has very limited luminosity for up to several moths of the year. Agua Tibia is a relatively large farm with the total cultivating area of 255 hectares from which 180 hectares is planted with coffee and 56 hectares is in current production. Additionally there is also 455 hectares of natural forest that falls in the area of the farm’s premises.

H1 is one of Central America's most interesting hybrids, combining disease resistance with a wonderful effect in the cup, behind which are the genes of Sudan Rume, an Ethiopian fruity-floral variety.