Colombia Antunkaa Natural Decaf


Maliny, pomerančové koření, med

Vlastník: Siruma Coffee

Region: Piendamó, Cauca

Nadm. výška: 1700-1900 m

Odrůda: Caturra, Castillo & Colombia

SCA skóre: 86

Zpracování: Naturální

Importér: Falcon Coffees

Siruma is a Colombian coffee company founded 5 years ago with the mission of partnering with underserved farming communities in Cauca, Caldas, and Tolima. The company's name comes from the indigenous Wayuunaiki language and means "Heaven and Skies."

The Atunkaa Natural Sugarcane Decaf showcases Siruma's commitment to transparency and fair prices for farmers. It is sourced from the Central Cauca Association for Peace (ACC) in Piendamó, Cauca. ACC was created by a local farmer who wanted to add value to Castillo coffee and provide stable income so neighbors would avoid illicit crops.

The coffee is decaffeinated by Descafecol using a sustainable sugarcane-based process. By working directly with the mill and decaffeinator, Siruma ensures fair pricing and complete traceability back to the contributing farmers.

1) Coffee is picked very ripe so the sugar content is higher.

2) Floating process: Floaters are removed to have only the good stuff for processing.

3) The cherries are moved to a mechanical silo for approximately 48 hours at 28 degrees Celsius to dehydrate the coffee until 20% moisture is reached

4) Humid oxidation process: 24 hour fermentation in sealed bags (similar to GrainPro) at ambient temperature (approximately 24 degrees Celsius). This is done in bags of 25-30kg of cherry.

5) Drying process: The cherries are moved to the same mechanical silo at 37 degrees Celsius until 15% moisture is reached.

6) Drying process2: The cherries are moved to a parabolic drying system until 10% moisture is reached.

Purchasing from the same supply chains as our non decaf coffees helps push more volume and revenue to these partners. The results are fully traceable (farmers that contributed to lots as well as farm gate pricing) decaf community lots that score SCA 85-86, pay more to farmers, and are easy to market.