Peru San Fernando Natural

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Úroveň pražení

Dried fig, fudge, milk chocolate

Producer: San Fernando (community microlot)

Region: La Convención, Cusco

Municipality: Inkawasi

Elevation: 2000 m

Variety: Typica, Bourbon, Gran Colombia

Processing: Natural

SCA score: 86+

Importer: Cultivar Coffee

Once again, the Cusco region in addition to its cultural and historical legacy gives us a crop that we are appreciating more and more: coffee. This lot has been produced in the San Fernando community, in the Inkawasi district in La Convención province.

San Fernando is one of the small towns in the beautiful district of Inkawasi, where passionate coffee families live and are motivated to obtain the most delicious coffees in Peru, so much so that in recent years the coffees in this area have reached the top 10 positions. at the Peruvian Cup of Excellence.

The 8 producers of this coffee lot have their farms on the slopes of Apu Mandor. "Apu" is a Quechua word that means mountain and has a deep meaning in the Andean culture. The Apus are not only mountains that make up the landscape, for the locals they are also guardians and protectors of the territory and of themselves. Besides this, in this area one of the most popular Andean traditions is still valid. We are talking about the "Ayni". Ayni means reciprocity and that is precisely what this custom is about. When there is Ayni, help from one family to another is practiced when needed. Thus, when it is necessary to harvest a specific family's coffee, members of other families in the community will go to help them without asking for anything in return and when another family needs it, the rest of the community will also be present. The ayni is always accompanied by a good meal as a sign of gratitude and for those who worked to regain strength.

Curious about who made Ayni for the harvest of this coffee lot?!

Well, these are their names:

● Romulo Anampa

● Nelson Aspur

● Avelino Calle

● Sinforosa Contreras

● Javier Diaz

● Luis Francisco Estalla

● Abraham Fernandez

● Mercedes Flores


Type: Káva