Indonesia Pink Banana Honey

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Banana, lychee, watermelon

Characteristics: Sweet, fruity

Producer: Deni Ramdani

Region: Gununghalu, West Java

Elevation: 1300 - 1500 m

Varietal: Sigarar Utang

Processing: Honey

SCA score: 88

Importer: Latorre & Dutch 

Deni began his agriculture journey by supplying vegetables to traditional markets from various farmers. During that time, he learned about coffee industry and its farming basic knowledge. His interest in coffee also fueled by his daily black coffee consumption habit. That was also the time where he developed his love towards Arabica coffees and visualized its future potential. He began learning post-harvest processes and its market. Slowly, he began to procure coffees from his vegetable suppliers and slowly develop a close relationships with coffee farmers. At that time in 2015, he was just 19 years of age and a university student.

He started to process coffees in 2015, began with Wet Hull and Dry Hull into Parchments. In 2016, he went all the way to green beans.

Processing Honey never crossed his mind at that time. Due to a bad weather during a harvest season, he accidentally perfected his fermentation process method, especially for honey process, by storing his cherries into a drum. Turns out, this fermentation method becomes one of the unique flavor spectrum that can only be found in his coffees. Deni also did information exchange regarding in Fermentation and Micro Organism with his peers prior to his decision to that.

Honey Process: Ripe cherries were collected and floated in water, then proceed to fermentation drum. Pulped and fermentation process again. Dried to 11% moisture, hulled and hand sorted before packing the green beans.


Type: Unknown Type