Indonesia Pink Banana Honey

Roast level


Citrus fruits, Naschi pear, Lapsang Souchong

Producer: Lumban Gaol siblings

Region: Dolok Sanggul, Pollung, North Sumatra

Elevation: 1780 - 1850 m

Varietal: SL34, Catimore and S795

Processing: Semi-washed

SCA score: 85+

Importer: Latorre & Dutch

 Meet Lumban Gaol siblings. Ambitious, enterprising and goal-oriented. Alfiner and Julia grew up in a coffee family and witnessed the many hardships the locals went through trying to sell their coffee cherries. Known as "coffee pickers", they travelled around the Pollung region, collecting quality coffee cherries from nearby farmers and gradually connected more than 250 small farms, making the siblings an integral part of the local community. They operate two washing stations with a focus on selected coffee. In the Batak language, pollung translates as "dialogue". 

Collections: Filter, Honey processing, Specialty Coffee

Category: Filter, Medové / Honey

Type: Unknown Type