Costa Rica La Pachuca Honey

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Strawberry jelly, wild grape, melissa

Farm: La Pachuca

Owner: Roberto Mata Naranjo

Region: Valle de Dota, Tarrazú

Elevation: 1550 m

Variety: Caturra Amarillo

Processing: Honey - anaerobic rehydration

SCA score: 89

Importer: Plot Coffee

With almost 50 years of coffee experience, his closeness to nature and his love for his homeland, Roberto Mata is a pioneer in the sustainable cultivation of coffee in Costa Rica. He also likes to experiment with new types of preparation in order to create even more exciting coffees. 

This lot employs his unique and innovative process which he calls Juicy Honey. Cherries are first peeled and fermented in their own mucilage for 120 hours together with the ‘juice’ of a previous batch. Then it is washed and mechanically dried. The rehydration process allows the cherries to absorb sweetness and juiciness, while keeping the coffee relatively clean. The results are stunning - the coffee is bright, winey, and brimming with fruit juicy goodness. We find notes of strawberry jelly, wild grape and floral notes of melissa. As a cold brew, it reminds us of a tropical rum cocktail.


Type: Káva