Colombia Veronica Gaviria Natural

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Blackberry, mullberry, Pinot Noir</h4>

Characteristics: Sweet and winey

Owner: Veronica Gavíria - Finca Villa Ligia

Region: Armenia, Quindio

Altitude: 1400 m

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Farm area: 30 ha

Other varietals on the farm: Caturra, Pink Bourbon, Colombia, Castillo, Geisha

SCA score: 88

Processing: Natural anaerobic

Importer: Chicas Industry

Veronica's grandfather, Milton Gaviria, who started out as a coffee grower in the family, is behind the creation of the farm and has been dedicated to it for many years. The farms are located in the municipality of Arménia, in the department of Quindio, at an altitude of 1,400 m above sea level, in the lower part of the central mountain range, and are bordered by the ecological corridor of the Quindio River, and together with the perfect conditions gives our coffee a unique taste and aroma at a high level of specialty coffee.

The coffee grown on these coffee farms is carefully processed by local workers and farmers who come from the towns there, which ensures not only good quality but also full traceability. This family, with its fifty-year tradition of growing coffee and its social commitment, contributes to the development of the region. At the farm, coffee is processed in all three ways. Washed, semi-washed and dry method. However, in order to achieve complex flavors, the Gavíria family increasingly processes the grains dry, i.e. naturally.

Pink Bourbon is a hybrid between red and yellow bourbon, known for its pink color. To preserve the pink fruits

farmers should isolate the saplings from each other. This lot of bourbon has been processed in the classic dry/natural way. Ripe cherries are gradually harvested, which, after further sorting, are left to ferment for at least 24 hours in a closed environment, preferably grain for bags. Then they are gradually dried in African beds and further dried in drying ovens. Thanks to the natural processing, the coffee has a full body and sweet fruity notes.


Type: Káva