Colombia Chambaku Natural

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Passion fruit, dates, chocolate

Characteristics:Sweet with tropical fruit notes

Owner: Juan Felipe Restrepo - Hacienda el Jardín

Region: Villamaria, Caldas

Altitude: 1450-1600 m

Varietal: Castillo

SCA score: 86

Processing: Natural anaerobic

Importer: OPCE

Finca Chambakú is the new project of the Restrepo family. It is a 12 hectares farm located in Villamaría, Caldas and is one of the 17 farms that make up Hacienda el Jardín. Historically, this Hacienda has been focused on traditional coffee, but during the last years, they have adapted and created an ideal agro-industrial system to extract all the productive potential with differentiated coffees. OPCE's team in Colombia saw a great potential in this land for the production of specialty coffees thanks to the optimal conditions of the environment and the proximity to OPCE's facilities, allowing them to maintain an exhaustive control to guarantee the quality of the coffee. Juan Felipe, Q-grader, and partner of the farm, is the manager and the great architect of the protocols and processes of benefit on the farm.
It is worth highlighting the farm has converted to manual picking of only ripe cherries. A floaters process is carried out upon arrival at the mill and then goes through a manual selection with workers to sort out by colors. A 48-hour anaerobic fermentation is carried out in metal tanks with a specific yeast that is fed with panela to improve the fermentation process.
Drying is applied via mechanical silo with 3 levels to secure costant drying phase. This part of the processing usually lasts 5 days, making sure that cofee does not go beyond 35 degrees celsius. The output is coffee with Excelso preparation with 95% beans above screen size 14. Moisture level of 10.9% and water activity of 0.58.


Type: Káva