Colombia César Lopéz Washed

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Grapefruit, green tea, yogurt

Characteristics:Tea-like, fruity

Owner: César Lopéz

Region: Filo de Chiyurco, Pitalíto, Huila

Elevation: 1770 m

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Farm area: 4 ha

Other varietals on the farm: Caturra, Pink Bourbon, Colombia, Castillo, Geisha

SCA score: 88

Processing: Washed (extended fermentation)

Importer: Chicas Industry

This lot was created through cooperation between two coffee experts, farmer Edier and scientist Cesar. We came across this lot thanks to Cesaro, who is very well respected in the Pitalito area for his knowledge of fermentation. He normally buys coffee cherries from farmers and then processes them in his laboratory. And so it was with this lot of Pink Bourbon. César and Edier are more like partners in this collaboration, and each has a role to play. Edier grows and harvests the choice cherries and César processes them into the choice grain.

César creates the bacteria that help him push the coffee into the desired flavor profile during fermentation. They concentrate mostly on lactic acids. The coffee is then wonderfully creamy, yoghurty, smooth and delicious. The collaboration between Cesar and Edier has resulted in such a great coffee that we are so happy to share with you!


Type: Káva