China KongQue Washed

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Roast level

Marzipan, chocolate, black tea

Characteristics: Chocolaty, spicy

Producer: Small farm holders

Region: Yunnan, Pu'er

Elevation: 1400-1600 m

Varietal: Catimor

Processing: Fully Washed

SCA score: 84

Importer: Sucafina

In China, it’s believed that KongQue, the peacock, brings good fortunes to the families whose land he nests on. Trust KongQue to lead you to the right place, like our Sucafina Originals, and you’ll be sure to find the beautiful cup and consistent taste of this high-quality coffee from Yunnan, China. In the cup, KongQue is uniform and balanced, with a strong sweetness, body and acidity.

Our KongQue blend showcases the incredible potential of Yunnan, a relatively novel coffee region.   Most people—even coffee professionals—have not encountered coffee from Yunnan, so our KongQue blend is a unique opportunity to present customers with something entirely new.

Yunnan is poised to be a consistent and reliable supplier of clean, balanced coffees. Most coffee in Yunnan travels through Pu’er where most dry mills are concentrated. That’s why we know it’s the best place for our office and QC lab. From our offices and lab, we orchestrate our Yunnan coffee supply, including this Fully washed Sucafina Orignals KongQue blend.

Our KongQue is a balanced Fully washed coffee with a mild acidity, medium chocolate body and smooth sweetness.

On top of its physical qualities, don’t forget that there’s power behind this blend’s story. With a globalized world and access to so much information at our fingertips, novelty is at premium these days.


Type: Unknown Type