Brazil Vila Capivara Natural


Cocoa nibs, Dates, Carambola and White grapefruit

Farm: Vila Capivara

Owner: Valeriano Nalli & Josilani Nalli

Region: Espirito Santo

Elevation: 950 - 1100 m 

SCA score: 85+

Variety: Red Catuai

Processing: Natural

Importer: Cafe Imports (US)

Another in a series of unusually common Brazilian coffees, which left us in no doubt right from the first sampling. Like many traditional coffees from the Espirito Santo region, it offers a pleasantly sweet taste profile with tones of cocoa, however, with medium roasting intensity, it reveals the variability of different brewing methods, allowing the natural acidity of tropical fruit to be completely suppressed or highlighted.

Valeriano Nalli and his wife Josilani own a 6.5 hectare coffee farm on a nearly 10 hectare plot of land in the mountainous area of Espírito Santo, north of Rio de Janeiro. The couple got married on the farm and since then they have lived together and developed their family business. The cherries are harvested exclusively by hand, from June to November. Valeriano oversees the harvest and Josilani is in charge of the production itself. The whole estate is called Sítio Nalli after Valerian's surname and Sítio Vila Capivara after the area and community where the homestead is located.