Wholesale price list
Availability Origin Producer Varietal Processing Cup profile SCA score Roast level Notes Price
1kg/250g Ethiopia Adado Heirloom Natural Blueberry, Cantaloupe,Jasmine 88 F/E(1kg) Fruity, Floral 849 Kč €33
1kg/250g Burundi Karambo Red Bourbon Natural Stone fruit, Caramel, Bergamot 87 Espresso Sweet, Tea-like 799 Kč €31
1kg/250g Indonesia Java Ijen Mix Natural Mango lassi, Dates, Cacao 86 Filter Fruity, Chocolaty 799 Kč €31
1kg/250g Indonesia Sumatra Asman Arianto Ateng, Bor Bor, Catimor, Timor Washed Pear, Mango, Tamarind 88 Filter Sweet, Tea-like 849 Kč €33
1kg/250g Peru Paltay Caturra, Typica, Catuaí Washed Rosehip tea, Candied lemon 85 F/E(1kg) Tea-like, Sweet 699 Kč €27
1kg/250g Colombia Los Pinos Typica Washed Anaerobic Banana, Papaya, Cream 88 Filter-Omni Fruity, Sweet 949 Kč €37
1kg/200g Colombia Los Nogales Orange Bourbon Anaerobic - thermal shock Apple strudel, Cinnamon, Grapefruit 89 Filter-Omni Fruity, Sweet 999 Kč €39
1kg/250g Colombia Antunkaa Mix Sugar Cane Decaf Blackberry, Maple Syrup 86! Omniroast Sweet, Fruity 849 Kč €33
1kg/250g Mexico Carlos Cadena Mundo Maya Natural Cranberries, Cherries, Pralines 87 Filter Sweet, Fruity 949 Kč €37
1kg/250g Costa Rica Las Lajas Catuaí, Caturra Red Honey Blackcurrant, Rose grapes, Melissa 87 Filter Fruity, Floral 949 Kč €37
1kg/250g Guatemala Agua Tibia H1 Washed Blackberry, Tangerine 88 Filter Fruity, Tea-like 849 Kč €33
*F/E(1kg) - available as a filter roast in retail packaging only, and as an espresso roast with wholesale packaging only