About Us

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With kindness and wisdom

As soon as possible, we test green coffee beans from recognised farmers using a sample roaster Ikawa Pro and we do our best to pick the most interesting cup profile, whether it is coffee processed experimentally or traditionally.

We roast beans in small volumes of 1-2 kg, according to current demand and therefore our product is always fresh at the time your order. Each of us is looking for something different in the cup and that is why we offer coffee processed by the washed, honey or natural method - learn more here.

Regardless if you are a fan of earthy, fruity, acid or chocolate-bitter coffees, you can always find your own kind in our shop. We always roast coffee medium light for filtered preparation and medium dark for preparation of espresso-based coffees, where we try to suppress overwhelming bright and acid tones.

Our products are packed with consideration of the environmental impact as well as features that help our coffee to stay fresh and keep all the taste and flavours these beans have naturally absorbed. We make sure that farmers receive appropriate reward for each bale grown, to allow continuous improvement of their product and to deliver even better coffee to all of us.

Coffee is our passion and never-ending experience that we want to share with you.