Peru Don Vega Washed

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Mandarinky, černý čaj, pampeliška

Producent: Finca La Guayaba

Region: Cutervo, Cajamarca

Obec: Callayuc, Sector el Campo

Nad. výška: 1700 m

Velikost farmy: 2 ha

Odrůda: Caturra & Pache

Zpracování: Promyté

SCA skóre: 87+

Importér: Cultivar Coffee

The northern part of Peru, thanks to the Andes mountain range and its proximity to the equator, has a warm climate, fertile lands and dense vegetation. It is an area with great cultural wealth and full of traditions that the population has managed to preserve up to today. In that northern area, the Cajamarca region stands out for its diversity in geography, ranging from Andean ecosystems to high-altitude forests of great beauty.

The province of Cutervo is known for its beautiful cloud forests, moors and dry forests protected by the Cutervo National Park. Lovers of adventure tourism and trekking would feel great in this environment. This park of more than 82,000 hectares provides an ecosystem that provides food and water to more than 90,000 inhabitants of 7 micro-watersheds in the area. The most important resource is water and thanks to this a large part of the population can grow coffee. Also sugarcane production, rice, fruit trees and cattle for milk production and meat are common agricultural activities in this area.

In Peru, the word "don" in the case of men and "doña" in the case of women was used before as a symbol of respect. Today, in some parts of the country, especially in the provinces, these words are still used to refer to older people or those who are experts in some subject. Thus, in el Sector el Campo, Carlos Vega is better known as “Don Vega”. Don Vega is a benchmark in coffee cultivation. Young and old come to him when they need some advice for their farms and coffee commercialization. Don Vega's opinion definitely weighs heavily on his neighbors.


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