Indonesia Java Ijen Natural

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Mango lassi, datle, čokoláda

Charakteristika: Sladká, ovocná

Producent: Small farmholders of Ijen Highlands

Region: Mt Ijen, East Java

Nadm. výška: 1100 - 1500 m

Odrůdy: Komasti, Andungsari, Bourbon, Kartika, Abysinia

Zpracování: Naturální

SCA skóre: 86

Importér: Falcon Coffees

The Ijen Highlands of East Java produce specialty coffee of exceptional character. On the mineral-rich volcanic slopes of Mt. Ijen, generations of farmers cultivate heirloom coffee varietals. The unique terroir and skillful processing create green beans of outstanding quality. 

Farmers nurture a diverse mix of trees, including Typica, S795, Andungsari and other prized varieties. They harvest the coffee by hand, selectively picking only the ripest red cherries. The fresh cherry crop is then transported to the wet mill in the village of Botolinggo. 

At the wet mill, the cherries first undergo thorough washing and sorting by density in water channels. Skilled workers manually inspect and remove any defects. Only the highest grade cherries will continue the processing. 

The sorted cherries are laid in the sun to dry slowly over 11-13 days. Frequent turning ensures even drying to an optimal moisture level. The dried beans are then sent to the dry mill in Driyorejo. 

Here the outer parchment is removed from the dried cherry. The green beans undergo pneumatic and manual sorting to eliminate any defects. They are also graded by size using screens. Only the largest, most uniform green beans are selected for export. 

The result is a green coffee of exemplary quality, reflecting the distinctive terroir of the Ijen Highlands and the generations of farming expertise that produced it.


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