Mexico Carlos Cadena Natural


Cranberries, cherries, pralines

Characteristics: Sweet and fruity

Farm: Finca Huehuetepan

Region: Cosautlán de Carvajal, Veracruz

Elevation: 1350 m

Varietal: Mundo Maya

SCA score: 87

Processing: Natural

Importér: Chicas Industry

“My grandfather acquired the farm around 1950, then he died suddenly and my mother, who was very young, took over the reins. With my grandfather’s death came a lot of difficult situations. My mother took over the farm in its original state and continued the traditional way of farming. She kept the varieties already planted, such as Typica. When my parents got together, my father took over the family farming. I subsequently started separating the varieties and changing the coffee processing practices. I believe the Typica from this particular farm is very special and different because of its unique flavor profile. It is a very stable floral flavor that is both sweet and balanced.  Our farm is on the edge of a ravine, the soil is soft and airy, it also rains a lot and the ravine is surrounded by many trees such as Jinicuil and Pahua.”

“Basically all of the lots of choice coffee we process, with a few exceptions, are processed naturally. We ferment some extra, and the fermentation is done in dark grey food-grade plastic containers that retain UV light. These containers also have a screw cap to ensure a hermetic closure, an AirLock valve and a key to drain the leachate. All coffees are sun-dried on African beds. The process begins on the farm where the cherries are sorted and placed in storage for 24 hours, then moved 15km to a drying area where they are continuously rotated and turned over for 20 to 25 days to achieve even drying. After drying, they are moved to the warehouse where a sample is taken and stored in GrainPro and jute bags until the coffee is sold and transferred to the warehouse for export and subsequent sale.”


The Mundo Maya variety is processed using the traditional dry method, where the process is basically very simple. The ripe cherry is harvested, sorted by density using water, washed free of impurities and left to rest for 20 hours. The whole cherries are then moved to African beds in the sun for a few days, where they are cared for.
When the coffee is fully dried, we wrap it in GrainPro bags and leave the coffee to stabilize for about two months to open up its flavors.

We clean the coffee from the husk to the bean just before it is shipped for export.

Collections: Filter, Natural Processing, Specialty Coffee

Category: Filter, Suché / Natural

Type: Káva