Peru Paltay Washed

Úroveň pražení

Šípkový čaj, kandovaný citron

Producenti: Eraclio Montejo, Epifanio Montejo, Teófilo Valdeón and Simeon Otrara

Region: Junín, Jauja, Masma

Komunita: Uchubamba

Nad. výška: 1900-2000 m

Průměrná velikost farmy: 1 ha

Odrůda: Caturra, Typica, Catuaí

Zpracování: Promyté

SCA skóre: 85

Importér: Cultivar Coffee

The Junín region is located in the central region of Peru, where mountainous areas display beautiful Andean landscapes. Within Junín, we can find the province and the city of Jauja, which was declared the first capital of Peru by the Spanish for its location right in the center of the country and its good climate. Years later, due to its proximity to the sea, Lima was declared the capital of the country. However, Jauja, due to its dry and warm climate, became known for being the place where those who suffered from respiratory diseases and tuberculosis patients healed, so during the Viceroyalty period during the Spanish rule it began to receive patients from all over the country, even from Spain itself. However, this time we want to highlight the district of Masma for other reasons than its healing properties for diseases; this time we want to bring to your attention the spectacular coffee that grows in this area. We no longer speak of a dry and temperate climate like the one of Jauja, but of a warmer and more humid, typical of the jungle or High Forest.

Uchubamba is a small valley in the Masma district. It is situated in the edge of the jungle and as such we find a favorable land for the cultivation of coffee, which represents its main income for families in the area. Close to Uchubamba, we can find the small village of Paltay where only ten families live who mainly dedicate themselves to coffee growing, granadilla and hot pepper cultivation. In Paltay there are no schools, medical posts or local stores, so people normally have to travel to Uchubamba looking for some basic services. However, living away brings them the benefits of having a quiet and peaceful life in the field. In fact, they are like a big family, who take care and help each other.