Kenya Mihuti AA Washed

Cola, pear cider, candied fruits

Farm:  Roi Estate

Region: Kiambu County

Elevation: 1700 m 

Varietal: SL-28

Processing: Washed

SCA score: 88+

Importer: Cafe Imports

Roi Estate is a small estate located in Kiambu County, just north of Nairobi on the foothills of the Aberdare ridge. It grows coffee at altitudes of 1700 masl in red volcanic soil, which is rich in organic matter – perfect for the production of high-quality coffee. This soil is typical in Kenya and helps establish tasting notes that make up the standard Kenyan flavor profile. It is built on 60 acres, 35 of which are used for coffee production, 5 of which are used for tea production, 12 acres are reserved for forests, and 8 acres are used for infrastructure. Additionally, 3 rivers flow through the plantation providing the estate with a consistent fresh source of water. Most of the coffee grown on Roi farm belongs to the SL-28 variety; Ruiru-11 is also grown on Roi Estate but only makes up about 10% of their total yield. After harvesting, ripe cherries are wet-processed and fermented before drying.


The soils in the plantation is Red Volcanic soil which PH ranging from 4‐6.5. The soil fertility is improved by using organic materials such as manure, mulching grass, coffee pulps and inorganic fertilizers. The soil erosion is controlled by digging terraces and planting cover crops such as cultivar.


The plantation has 15 permanent workers, composed of Farm Manager, Machines Operators. We still have majority of labor force coming from casual laborers. They range from 50‐200 mainly during harvesting.


Picking Method: selective

Processing Method: Washed

Fermentation Process: Double Wet Fermentation

Drying Process: Sun Drying

Roast level

Collections: Filter, Specialty Coffee, Washed Processing

Category: Filter, Promyté / Washed

Type: Káva