El Salvador La Dalia Natural

Cherries, strawberries, chocholate and black currant

Farm: La Dalia

Owner: Rodina Guillen 

Region: Concepcion de Ataco, Ahuachapan

Farm area: 42 ha

Altitude: 1450 m

Variety: Pacamara

Processing: Natural - 48 hrs anaerobic fermentation

SCA score: 88

Importer: Plot Coffee (Hamburg, DE)

For the third time, we have brought you a coffee from estates owned by the Guillen family, which has been part of the coffee industry for many generations, embodying a combination of tradition, many years of experience and a pioneering spirit. Hamburg's Plotcoffee has been working with Sandra, Carlos, José and other family members for several years, and we were really excited about this year's harvest. We were amazed by their passion to constantly experiment with varieties and processing techniques. The fact that coffee from the La Dalia farm won the German Brewer's Cup in 2018 proves how much their effort pays off. A whole range of excellent lots has been produced this year, applying experimental techniques, such as this unique microlot which was fermented without air supply for 48 hours and then dried, which resulted in development of rich fruit flavors.