Costa Rica El Jocote Natural

Cranberries, cotton candy, milk chocolate, hibiscus.

Farm: El Jocote

Owner: Eduardo Navarro Jiminez & Juan Carlos Navarro Ceciliano

Region: Rosario de Desamparados, Tarrazú

Elevation: 1350 - 1950 m

Variety: Caturra

Harvest period: December - March

Farm area: 12 ha

Varieties on farm: Colombia, Tabi, Týpica, Caturra, Castillo, Pink Bourbon, Maragogype

SCA score: 87+

Processing: Natural

Importer: Café Imports

Coffee from this Central American country has long been forbidden to us. We could not find balanced taste, supported by a unique cup profile. This micro lot from El Jocote farm proves that natural coffee can be complex and at the same time very gentle and velvety.

Eduardo Navarro Jiminez and his brother Juan Carlos Navarro Ceciliano share a 100-year family history of coffee production. Together with their other siblings, they owns several farms, and in 2016 Eduardo founded Coffee NACE Micromill. An important part of Juan's mission and that of his brother Edward is 'Sabemos que unidos somos capaces de lograr lo imposible' which translates as 'We know that together we are able to achieve the impossible.'

'Our farms are located at elevation of 1350 to 1900 m. It is the higher elevation that allows us to produce great coffee in several different microclimate. We offer a variety of coffees, including Cattura, and our El Jocote farm is located in the Tarrazú area of ​​Costa Rica, an area known for the quality coffee grown here.'

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