Brazil Lua Clara Natural

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Medium sweet body with tones with subtle tones of apricots, mandarins, caramel and baked apples, which especially stand out when preparing espresso-based drinks, finished with a chocolate aftertaste.

Farm: Lua Clara

Municipality: Franca

Region: Alta Mogiana

Altitude: 1300 m

Variety: Yellow Catuai aka Catuai Amarelo

Processing: Natural

SCA score: 86

Brazilian specialty coffee farms have recently set a new trend in the form of rich flavor profiles that really keep surprising us. This coffee perfectly breaks the experienced trends of hazelnut coffees, which we are still a bit used to.

Brought to you in cooperation with Plot Coffee from Hamburg.

Producers of Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Association (AMSC) harvest around 200 million coffee plants that crown these lands and are responsible for producing 1 million bags (60kg per bag) each year. In order to harvest this amount of coffee and still meet the requirements of the specialty coffee market, lots of technology and science are applied on these farms.

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